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OFFROAD HIP HOP is a music podcast, hosted by Johnny Bishop, highlighting 90’s style, boom Bap, sampled based, DJ cutting Christian Hip Hop music and artists.

We specialize in giving light to artist and music that generally gets ignored by mainstream Christian hip hop and R&B radio.

It’s not just highlighting these artists as an alternative to mainstream hip hop / pop music, but demonstrating the original “sound” and artistry of hip hop. The elements that have been railroaded by mainstream pop music:

The DJ. The Sample. The Lyricism. The Beat.

The Definitions

boom bap~
Taken from the phonetic sound of old school hip-hop drum samples – ‘boom = kick’
(i.e. bassdrum) ‘bap’ = ‘snare’ (er… snaredrum)

“With the kicks, snares, kicks and hi hats / still in the trade of that ol’ boom bap”

Apathy — ‘That Ol’ Boom Bap’

old school~
Anything that refers to a previous generation of a subject/idea/object/etc. Typically, they are highly regarded and sometimes the very thing that started it all; when things weren’t flashy or empty of substance, were done by hard work, didn’t pander to the lowest common denominator, and required real skill.

The act of driving off of the beaten path; the road most traveled; away from the mainstream; often causing the listener to experience euphoria, extreme pleasure, and an appreciation of creativity. Often accompanied by DJ scratching, a wide variety of sampled melodies and lyrical mastery. Styles vary.

“Yeaaah…Christian hip hop is the TRUE underground…” – Jurny Big

Artist Features


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